So, I was sitting here, and I thought why not share my research with everybody?  After all, many of you might be curious about this kind of travel for yourself.  Well, thanks to numerous blogs, chat-rooms, and travel sites, I have compiled a list of relevant postings.  Some are helpful, some are just funny (to laugh with, or even at).  Some aren't asking the same question they're answering.  But all have some form of information.

All links are in the form of the question they address.
The first set is from the RTW (Round-The-World) section of the Thorn Tree (Lonely Planet) site:

Do RTW tickets only last 1 year?

RTW travel plans (example 1)

RTW travel plans (example 2): One-way tickets, or RTW ticket?

RTW travel plans (example 3)

Why would a Westerner ever leave their "American paradise" just to travel?

Some must-see places for white sand, snorkeling and cultural experiences all on a low budget?

Why aren't there any black backpackers?

RTW travel panic (example 1)

How do I join a crew on a ship?

Body language is not universal

RTW travel plans (example 4)

Last minute panic? -Calm down. It's Normal.

Are Chaco sandals really worth the $80-100 price?

Can I charge my camera's batteries in the third-world?

A truly American account of a power-trip through Iceland (-stay in Beverley Hills, girls)

A horrendously cynical account of the Americans' trip to Copenhagen (deep in the throws of culture-shock)

Looking for a way to batch those digital pictures without access to a computer?

How should a traveler dress?

Should I mail film back?

Is it possible to get free upgrades on flights?

Is there a way to get free accommodations around the world?

RTW by hitch-hiking for 5 years

How do I deal with homesickness?

How do other RTW travelers afford it?

RTW travel plans (example 5)

How much will a RTW cost?

How much time should be spent in each country?

What form of funds should I bring?

How do I stay patient at this bloody job for the next 12 months when I know a RTW awaits?

A very interesting, very graphic explanation of toilets in India (not for the faint-of-heart Westerner)

The next set is from other sites I've found:

When are the Eastern European countries joining the EU (and which ones)?