1 year = Max time for RTW ticket?
Hi. I've heard that travel agencies and airlines will not let you buy a RTW ticket with you returning more than a year after you left.
Is this true? And if so, what is the best way around it, as I am pretty sure I want to be away for more than a year.

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1 year max.
Best way around it - Read my signature!

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Apparently it's something to do with once the travel agent is booking the individual flights, they can only enter the day and the month and not the year, so it can only be valid for up to a year beyond the date of the first flight.
Buy a one way to your planned final destination 12 months from now and then buy as you go. i.e. Buy a one-way UK-india-thailand-Aus-NZ and from NZ buy a one way NZ-US-South America-Africa- Europe

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yeah we bought one way ticket to oz, we plan on getting the next one when we get there - its crap isn't it? with the demand you'd think they'd expand the time limit on it!
we may go one way all the way, but we plan on seeing europe first (we're canadian) then africa, sea, etc.. so IF we by a RTW, we'll do it in europe when we're done there. that will give us a year after we've seen europe which is probably all we can afford after that.
the beauty of this is if we feel like holding up somewhere and working in europe, we won't have to worry about a timeline.

besides, everything outside of europe is fairly spread out, no? except for sea. that's where flying between points will be really great.

on the other hand.. we're also thinking of doing overland and one-way flights... not sure which will be cheaper. we're not going until 2005, so our plan is not quite fool-proof yet. ;-)

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As for advices above, keep in mind that you might, just as I did, need at ticket out of Australia to get a visa and be allowed to enter the country.

Why fly when you can travel surface! Bon Voyage!
RTW tickets are 365 days max,as is most travel insurance. And you have to name your destinations, although not the time you're going to be there, in order of which your planning to travel. Changing them after booking costs, although I'm not too sure how much.
If you plan to travel overland for any great distance (like the transsiberian or transmongolian) RTW may not make sense.

You might want to consider readdressing this question while in Europe. RTW tickets may be cheaper there than in Canada and you would be closer to the end of your travels. I suspect that no one will notice if you don't catch the last leg of your ticket back to Europe.