hi folks..........just a quick question, im off on a world tour, i plan to go for 12 months and get a working visa also to work in OZ, What is the average amount money people take to last all year?...... i have absolutely no idea!!!! Im will be staying in hostels and things, and i have been told sea is pretty cheap so how much folks?.....


Depends completely on your destinations, and your way of life. How much luxury you want, how slowly/fast you travel, etc. What type of job you are able to find and how many hours you'll be able to make. Too many factors, no staight answer possible!!

You can check the Money/Costs page in the Destinations pages in this LP site, and make an estimate for the daily costs for the countries you're going to. Personally I prefer to calculate by week, because days can vary too much, one day you stay in one place, the other day you travel for 9 hours... on average, most weeks will be aproximately the same, in one country. Except a week on safari is way more expensive than a week in African villages.

A rule of thumb:
"bring half the luggage you think you'll need, and twice the money you think you'll need!"
Well this is a bit exagerated but there's some truth in it!


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Good advice from CÚcile. Roughly speaking real budget travelers figure about 1000 USD per month outside of transportation costs and outside of Western Europe, the US, Australia and NZ but your best bet is to take a look at the destination guides or to post the basic countries that you intend to visit for specific estimates.

example: i spent 100 pounds (US$150) each week while i was in india. when i got to myanmar i couldn't drink and ended up spending about 60 pound a week (less than US$100). in the last 3 weeks i've been out in oz with my friends watching the rugby world cup - i spent a total of 1,500 pound!
look at taking at least 700 pound for each month.

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This is tricky. Sort out the following information first:

Where do I want to go?
How long will that take me?
What are my standards of accommodation - tent on the ground (with ensuite) OR a YHA approved Hostel OR a Rat crawling over your foot at 3am in a wooden hut on a beach in paradise (dont ask) OR a sheraton
Will I eat with the locals beside the road in Nepal or do I want Pizza Hut in air con comfort overlooking the Pyramids?

Go buy the lonely planet guidebook for that place or region and read thr first one hundred pages!

Ring up a travel agent and ask for indicative prices on tickets, insurance and visas.

Take the suggested budgets and multiply by the number of days you will be in that place, repeat for each place (I split Paris out from France as the costs are so different)

Add to the quote from your travel agent

Add about $150 AUD per month if you a re lgoing lo live cheaply but still buy bits along the way (eg film, new shampoo etc)

Add it all up!

Add 10 % just in case


Simple really, I cant stress enough that buying and reading the guidebooks before you go is a major help in figuring out what you want to see and how long you might need and what your COSTS might be!

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