eight weeks...
Eight weeks to go untill boyfriend and I leave for our rtw. Every timeI think about it I feel instantly sick, I am sooo nervous! Is this normal?

Calm me down.

a rolling stone gathers no moss
tell me about it, your going with your boyfriend, im traveling on my own and have not realy done this before, well I moved to london and havent been mugged or beaten in the three years so im hoping my luck continues. But yes its normal to feel nervous it means your exicted about the unknown, have a blast!... mark
Its just 4 weeks for me... And Im travelling alone. Everytime I think about it (almost 24-7) I get very excited. But everytime I reallt think about it, I feel this need to step back and stay home. Of course I wont saty home...

But, I guess its not only normal to get nervous but a good thing too, cause that way you will be more able to feel and experiecne new great things and emotions...

Im very nervous myself. Im scared, but im not afraid.

Todo es parte de la aventura...
Yep - you're normal. But don't worry, give yourself a day or two on the road and all of your fears will have subsided - you'll be too busy having a great time to worry.
try to act really cool...slow deep breathing....pretend you are a very seasoned traveller..act bored...its amazing how soon everyone believes you..you even believe yourself...take half the clothes..twice the money and GO!
we go in 6 weeks and i'm right there with you - where are you going?
7 weeks for me. I haven't been sleeping too well. I constantly have this kind of nervous, excited feeling.
I've got 3 months to go, and I'm just as nervous. I hope it doesn't get much worse otherwise I might just explode...
I'm not leaving until january or march of 2005 and I'm ready to explode. it's more frustrating than fun to start planning now! we've made the decision to go, so that's good, but now I have to wait a year? silliness.

but we'll have more cash.. that's a bonus.

nervous? as soon as you sit in your uncomfortable airplane seat on your first flight, you'll realize how excited you are. nervousness will return when you land and you're not sure what to do.. but don't worry, that will only be for a few minutes until you get your bearing.

great advice from daverogerlambert. play it cool and take it easy will convince everyone and yourself. this is also beneficial so you don't look like a total tourist to those pesky pickpocketers. when in a new place, just take your time and relax. tranquilo.
I'm glad you made this post because I'm there, too. I've got about 8 weeks left before I leave and most of the time I'm really excited and want to begin, but then there are some mornings when I wake up and wonder what the hell I'm thinking. Not gonna let that stop me though and TT is always here to reassure me...

Man.......I've got no idea what's goin' on....
i have 12 weeks and i so nervous as well , i not be able to go to work, i so worry about money and if dont go to work it gets worse,i worry about the money 5000 pound s be enoght considering i will work in Australia and spemd 3 months in southamerica one in New Zealand and one in fiji beforei arrive in Australia?
excellent - i just got a flashback to how scared i was before the first time i headed off - i spent over an hour in the toilet before the first flight wondering what the hell am i doing and seriously contemplating just getting the bus back home :-D
But like millions before me i forced myself onto the plane, and later that night when i had arranged accomodation, found it and settled in for a beer - i was king of the road, haven't stopped smiling since....
Even now 10 years later I still get excited and worried before the trips - its fantastic..... something that scares you this much has got to be good.....
but trust me on the grinning - the first beer on that first night surrounded by new places and people is the best you rank amongst the best, and then things just get better....

you'll be totally fine, the world isn't as scary as you think

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