Any sense in worrying about fashion?
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Hi All,

This may seem like a silly question ... I'm doing the RTW travel thingy for about 9 months next year (nth/sth am + europe) - I really dont want to carry too much uncesarry stuff in my pack & whilst I am not overly concerned about having the latest fashion items in clothing I would still like to have some decent clothes with me for going out at night to clubs/dinner etc.

What has worked well for people with past experience? Taking a pair or two of your best pants/jeans and shirt? Buying clothes during travels?

Thanks for your help with this slightly trivial question! : P

P.S. I'm male 22yrs if that helps!
don't worry about fashion.

you might want to read this thread about traveling with blue jeans: Why not blue jeans?

There are some quick dry synthetics that make sense for t-shirts and underwear. One pair of slacks and one nice shirt (not white) are all you need. Don't travel with your best clothes. Things never look the same after being washed by hand in a sink.

"Fashion" is usually not the main concern.

I think a related and more important concern is to dress in a respectful manner when we are guests in developing countries, esp when in people's homes or religious sights. The usual "uniform" for most of us that I remember looked similar to what we call pyjamas back home. It tends to look sloppy to locals at times -- and therefore they may take it as presumptious or rude if you are invited to their home for sunday dinner, birthday parties, etc.

"going out to night clubs and dinner" is not the same type of experience when you are in developing countries. There are not "formal" events on the road. There are, however, times to be a bit more understated and respectful.

The main point: let it all hang out, when you are in the midst of a throng of tacky tourists. And then tone it down and wear neat, clean clothes, perhaps a pair of light pants (not jeans), plain shirt, real shoes, when you are a special guest, etc. ALSO, dress a bit more conservative when crossing boarders. No need to invite guards to harass you.

You say you are headed to N America and Europe too.. the above doesnt apply so much to some of the more culturally dominate countries. But here, depending on what kind of social life you enjoy, you may want nicer clothes. Still, though, a clean pair of "dockers" type pants in good repair, and a conservative shirt that you pamper and dont stain too bad, is all you will need. Real shoes can help too. Clean clothes that are not ripped up, and if you dont smell bad and have good manners...that will get you pretty far.

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