Having hitch-hiked around the world for the last five years, quite unexpectedly we found ourselves back home. We have a lot to share and we were documenting our journey along the way. It's great but weird to back in Poland. So much has changed here during the last five years. Have we changed as well...?
Anyway, here's our story: Hitch-hike the World

Kinga & Chopin

Kinga & Chopin

Hitch-hike the World
god that sounds amazing! how did u keep going (financially etc) for so long?!
my advice: write a book, make lots of money+leave the country again.
Wow! Thanks for sharing such a wonderful experience
I second #2, what an inspiration :-)
Best wishes to both of you!

Curiosity never killed anything, except perhaps a few hours...
Hello! Wow..Thanks for posting your website..It is absolutely amazing! You must inspire so many travellers to try the same thing! How incredible! ;) One question though...Where are you guys now? And what are you doing? The link on your site wouldn't work...Probably my horribly slow computer but I want to know what you guys are doing 5 years later!! Thanks again for sharing your wonderful journey!
just a point - pls don't make your website automatically fill the screen when you open it. It's really irritating - especially for dual monitors!!

anyways am still checking it out! :)

Absolutely amazing. the more I read things like this, the more it amazes me about this planet and the art of travelling and interaction in other peoples lives.

Excellent, yet simple website. I was very impressed. may your travels continue for a very long time.

------------------------- I think I'll go THAT way!!!
Thank you all!
To #1 - yes, I was thinking about it. Apparently in Poland you can't get a fortune from publishing a book. But I'll try to do it anyway. I still don't know how to publish the English version of the book. If anybody knows anything about it, please let me know.


Kinga & Chopin

Hitch-hike the World