Charging batteries in Myanmar & Cambodia

As more people here I'm considering buying a good digital camera for my trip to a.o. Myanmar & Cambodia. I've read the comments that I shouldn't worry too much about battery life if I take an extra one with me. But just in case: is it easy to charge lithium ion batteries in Myanmar & Cambodia? (I know it's probably better to take AA batteries, but the camera's I'm considering all have lithium ion) I've heart that electricity is not very reliable in Myanmar?

I'm considering the Sony Mavica MVC-CD500 (because of the cheap CD storage possibilities and the good lens). Does anybody know approx. how many pictures you can take before recharging?

By the way I don't see the Sony Mavica recommended much in this section, besides Dave's Picks List for travellers. Is there a specific reason for this, I'm I missing out on some much better options?

thnx for the help!


The problem with the Mavicas is that they tend to be bulky, if you're travelling generally smaller is better. Usually the CD makes them slower to capture images, and they're limited to around 156Mb per CD - not a problem if you're storing small JPEGs, a serious problem if you're going with TIFF/RAW.

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Charging in Cambodia and Myanmar is not a problem. If you are going to some 'very off the beaten path' places you may have to pay attention to the time of day that power is on (generally early evening). Small villages may depend on a generator for their power and kick it on for the evening meal and a bit of TV ;o).


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