Sending Film by Mail
I will be travelling in South America for about 6m. Does anyone know if it safe to send exposed but unprocessed film back to the US by mail? I have previously carried the film for trips in a lead bag and developed on my return which has proved OK - or tried to develop abroad which I have found to be disastrous!
Depends on what they're up to at the moment - the USPS irradiated some mail for a while using a beam sufficiently powerful it melted developed film... Developing in a foreign country can be a little hit and miss, but usually each country has professional photographers - then it's a matter of working out where they get them developed!

I've had reasonable responses posting on the forums asking for places in xxxxxxx

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I left some undeveloped film in Thailand and was going to get someone to send it back for me. Before I did that I asked around and was told that the X-rays they use on mail is much stronger than what they use on luggage etc. The advise I was given is to develop it first, to the photo stage, and then send it.
Oh I was also told that un accompanied film is often not allowed through. Dont know how true this bit was though..