Planning My Korean Trip

June 14, 2007
Mood: Caught up.

I woke up earlier than the morning before, and got some emails off before we headed out the door together. I said goodbye to Scott and stayed in the building's hallway to pack my bags, and pump up my bike tires. I then spent the rest of the day in Seattle's Best Coffee planning the entire trip. Routes, highlighing maps, compairing best routes between various choices of desinations. Researching online and in my Lonely Planet guidebook. Finding museums, places to stay/shower, sites, temples, etc. It was pretty bad timing, I know. i should have done this ages ago, but the way I travel doesn't allow for the luxury of actually KNOWING I'll even be in a country, let alone plan the route months ahead of time. So now that I knew I was definetely in Korea, and needed to get to Seoul, I could make specific plans.

Pablo and Scott at dinner

Scott had offered to let me stay at his place if the next guy didn't work out, but I really didn't want to impose. He had been a really cool host, and I still can't believe I even got to go to work with him, but I had to get out of his hair before hosting became a burden. The next guy asked if I wanted to meet him for dinner before going over, and invited Scott to come as well. So after a long day of planning, and highlighing my route in my new map book, I met up with Scott again, and we went over for dinner at a Korean restaurant. The next host, Pablo, is from Puerto Rico, and is one of the most professional Couchsurfers I've ever met. He was a great conversationalist, had travelled to about TWICE as many countries as me, had endless stories about travel and working in Korea, and was a great host - if only for 1 night. We had a good dinner, and I really said goodbye to Scott, and Pablo and I went across the street to his highrise. His apt was really nicely decorated, and his fridge was covered in postcards from previous CSers. He's definitely a popular person to Couchsurf with. We were actually both tired, so after a few more conversations, we went to bed.

Pablo in his apartment



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