Busan (Pusan) to Gyeongju (Kyeongju)

June 15, 2007
Distance: 76 km
Top Speed: 77 kph
Average Speed: 20 kph
Time: 3:45
Mood: Scared of trucks, glass, and open man-holes.

I woke up a little early at Pablo's house and managed to find a wireless signal to check email before he came in and anounced that there was no COLD water (yep, only scalding hot)!! Wierd. So he was going to have to take a shower at work, and would need to leave a little earlier. That was fine with me, because I was ready to go, and wanted to get an early start to my first real day of bicycling in Korea.

We said our goodbyes and I caught the train back to Scott's building where I had left my bike (much more secure than Pablo's area). I loaded up the bike, carried it down to the street, and started the real bike journey through Korea. Yay! I was excited! My first stop after Busan was a touristy town called Gyeongju.




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