Travel Videos
Many videos are great, but these are one's I've used and would suggest.
You might be surprised to find these at you local free public library as I did.

Pilot Guides - The company responsible for some great travel videos also has an informative website

The Jamaica Experience (Lonely Planet)

The Brazil Experience (Lonely Planet)

The Australia Experience (Lonely Planet)

New Zealand (Pilot Guides)

Ecuador & Galapagos Islands (Lonely Planet) - Really good!

Discovering the Amazon and the Andes (Rand McNally Video Expeditions Series) - Exceptionally beautiful!

Japan:From Tokyo to Taiwan (Lonely Planet) - I heard that Japan was too expensive, but had my doubts.  This video confirmed the rumor and has led me to scratch Japan off my travel list.  It was a good video though, and I would strongly consider working here - just not traveling through.

Hawaii (Pilot Guides) - Really good!