Travel Technology
How to stay in touch, and maybe bring a gadget or two)

Adrian Warren - The best place to start before buying your phones, cameras, and electronics

Movable Type - Travel journal server software

Travel Pod - A free blog site

Travel Sockets - Q&A about connectivity. A good idea, but no one has used it, so useless for now

Online Photo Resource Guide - Helps find sites to post photos on that are best suited to you

DP Review - Really the best reviews of the latest digital cameras anywhere

Ball Of Dirt - One of the more popular and well designed blog sites

Worldisround - A free blog site

PBase - A free blog site

CNet - The well-known site proves useful for travelers who want the right digital camera

Bringing a Computer RTW - Mark from explains how he solved this problem

XDrive - online storage as cheap as $10/mo for 500Mb staorage. For images, etc. Not websites.

Cyber Captive - Search for Cyber Cafes around the world - Search for Cyber Cafes around the world

AAA Cafe Search - Search for Cyber Cafes around the world

Easy Internet Cafe - The franchise I loved in Europe