Travel Agent Sites

Trailfinders - UK based travel agent

SkyScanner - UK based flight finder

Economy Travel - Cheap flights

Cheap Air Lines - Cheap Flights

4 Air Fare - Cheap flights

Flight Centre - Oz based travel agent

Thomas Cook - Travel agent

ITA - Flight search program (Beta?)

Smarter Living - Travel Agent

One Travel - Travel Agent

STA - The agency everyone knows about.  Surely one of the best.

Best Fares - Travel Agent

Airhitch - Sounds cheaper to the ear than it seems to be in print, but still cheap

Air Hitch - The other Airhitch? Looks cheaper than the first.

Airtech - Cheap flights

Expedia - Travel agent (you see their ads everywhere)

Off Peak Traveler - Seems only to have all-in-one packages

Travel Zoo - Subscription-based weekly top deals (they do sound really good though)

Priceline - Not sure about this one, but it's worth a check I suppose

Expedia - Not sure about this one, but they advertise that they have the lowest prices

Places To Stay - For hotels, they seem pretty cheap

Cheap Tickets - Could be cheaper - Hotels aren't my cuppa', but they advertise that they have the lowest prices

GORP - An outdoor enthusiasts travel site

Orbitz - Dot com flight finder

Go Today - NPR recommended travel agent

Trip Advisor - Information, and reviews lodgings worldwide