Federal Trade Commission Alert - International Drivers License scam notice

Picking Jobs - International job network

PADI - Want to get Diving certified?  Make sure your instructor is listed to ensure a valid card.

Four Wheel Drive Travel - One of the strangest travel sites I've seen, dedicated to traveling the world in 4WD

Hitch-Hikers Guide To The Galaxy Travel Section - Self explanatory?

Travel Ticker - Alerts travelers of current unrest, and dangerous areas to seriously avoid for now

Global Gourmet - The website dedicated to telling you what you must try before leaving each country

2 Camels - Festivals of the world

The Savvy Traveler - National Public Radio's travel program

Signspotting.com - Take a break to have a laugh at signs from around the world (also see NPR's site)

Travel Tips - Only looked for a minute, but seems like more adverts for accommodations than actual advice

Ocean Cruising Club - Pre-requisit of 1000 port to port crew/skippership to gain membership, but once a member, the OCC offers access to invaluable members-only bullitin boards

Scams - Over 80 stories of street scams to be wary of in Barcelona

Quotes - My own list of famous quotes about travel.  Not inspiring enough? Send me some better ones.

Famous US Mansions - Some of the best Mansion Museums in America.