Cheap and RTW Airline Sites

Ryan Air - This is it. This is the one all the European are talking about. FLIGHTS FOR FREE!! No kidding!

Easy Jet - The EU company that started with an internet cafe franchise

Airtreks - RTW flights (Lonely Planet deals here, and here)

OneWorld - Famous for their RTW flights

Star Alliance - Famous for their RTW flights


National Airline Sites


National airline Web sites for South American countries
Note: Some of the Web sites are not in English.

Venzuela - Aeropostal - Avensa

Uruguay - Primeras Lineas Uruguayas de Navegacion Aerea (PLUNA)

Paraguay - Surinam Airways

Peru - LanPeru - TACA - Aero Continente

Guyana - Guyana Airways is no longer available, but Air France has flights

French Guina air guyane - Air Guyane express

Chile - LanChile

Falkland Islands - Flights by Tristar from Royal Air Force Brize Norton (from Oxford, England)

Ecuador - Tame

Colombia - Alianza Summa

Brazil - Varig - TAM

Bolivia - Lloyd Aero Boliviano

Argentina - Aerolineas Argentinas