general information
(from Thorn Tree North East Asia)

Galápagos Islands - A brief summery (or their official site)

Go South America - An all inclusive site

Discover Galapagos - Travel guide to island, planning, and boats

Charles Darwin Foundation - Dedicated to the conservation of land and sea animals of the Galapagos

Exploring Ecuador - Tourist info and then some

Safari Ecuador - All the things you can do outside

Ecuador Explorer - Tourist info

Immunizations Needed - As recommended by Ecuador Explorer

Cotopaxi Volcano - The worlds highest active volcano - An adventure program based at the volcano

Hostal Nest - Quito B&B has nice digs, but you can find cheaper than $10/night (shared)

Otavalo Animal Market - A tradition since before the Incas

Guinea Pig - A delicacy in Ecuador

Festivals of Ecuador - Festival site

Hostal Alcala - Quito B&B for $7.50/night (shared)

List of Hostels - Coutesy Boots'n'All

The Secret Garden Hostel - In Quito, $3.50/night is more like it

Turisvision - Tourist info

South American Explorers - Group site with some postings, and bulletin boards

Bientura Agency - Tours

Incan Empire - Courtesy Encarda

Trans Rabbit - Transit company

Secoya of Ecuador - The indigenous people of the Amazon in Ecuador

Nova: Warriors of the Amazon - A very small Nova site

Boat Charters - List of the cheap tours from Gap Adventure

El Niño and the Galapagos - NPR page with real time audio programming