Obirr - An ancient site with an abundance of wall-paintings

Bondi Beach - Quintessential Aussie beach defines the sun-loving tres chic mates & lassies from down under

Outback - 3 huge deserts, site of Mad Max III, and a long, long way from anything.  Let's go! 

Simpson Desert -  A site strangely dedicated to a fallen traveler, describes how to travel across the Simpson

Tasmania - A brief summery (or the offical site)

Eyre Highway - If you can put it together, take a road trip across Oz

Great White Shark Baiting - A brief summery

Saving Australia's Koalas - NPR page with real time audio programming

Australia: Land of Extremes - NPR page with real time audio programming

Australia and Its Aboriginals- NPR page with real time audio programming

The Tasmanian Devil - NPR page with real time audio programming - Last minute discounts

Great barrier Reef

East Caost Rain Forest



Opera House

Royal Botic Gardens


Bondi Beach

Syndey International Youth Hostel - Hotal class hostel with sauna and roof-top pool

Katoomba (70 miles West of Sydney)

Blue Mountains ("Vermont" of Sydney)

Blue Mountains International Youth Hostel - great reviews, and $18/night

Darwin (200 miles North of Sydney - Tropical capitol of North Australia)

Darwin International Youth Hostel - Poor facilities and cleanliness - D- rating ($15/night)

Kakada National Park

Kakada Youth Hostel - Less clean ($30/night)

Litchfield National Park

Florence Falls Waterfall Pool

Wangi Falls - ("crocodile managed" - haha)

Alice Springs ("Gateway to Outback")

Ayers Rocks

Pioneer Hostel - good facilities and cleanliness ($17/night)

"Big Emma" Bus Ride - 700 mile ride!

Ayers Rock Resort - Sleazy resort town with Outback Pioneer Hostel & Lodge - B+ ($40/night)

Cairus (Base camp for Great Barrier Reef)

Fitzory Island

Cape Tribulation (rainforest region)

David Spealing - Top-rated Guide who runs "Wet Tropics Safaris" and "Passions of Paridise"


Greenhouse Backpacker - A+ hostel, but expensive at $40/night

Queen Victoria Market