These are personal sites that document travelers as they make their way around the world.  Most have many pictures, but many are also laced with advice.  At any rate, all seem to have travel stories that are of interest (whether because of the trip, or the traveler).  As I molded my ideas to design this site out of other sites I saw, so will I mold my ideas to design phase 2 out of these sites.

Follows John Freyer around the country as he visits the possessions he sold only months earlier

A German exchange student in the US with extensive pics of travels

A German exchange student who has traveled extensively around the US (with pics)

A German exchange student in the US with pics of travels (Brazil)

A very American account of a 4-day power-visit (but with a few pics)

A small collection of pictures from a trip to N.E. Africa

Kathrine and Ryan go RTW
Pretty thorough site.  Haven't left yet, but have all packing lists, vacinnations, interactive map, etc.  Ryan has even openned up travel log part to public.

Cecilia's Page
Has journals and pics for many trips taken.  The great tips section is a must!  (I have it here)

Adrian Warren
This guy likes gadgets, and likes to travel. A tough combination for the rest of us, but luckily Adrian really knows his stuff, and wants to share it with everyone. 

Everbrite's Site
A great source for trips to Russia (only).  This woman has posted advice, history, links, etc.

RTW Backpackers List-Serve
I haven't joined, but this appears to be a list-serve for those on, or interested in RTW

Hitch-Hike The World
Wow!  Really inspirational site dedicated to telling the story of Kinga and Chopin of Poland, and their 5 year hitch-hiking journey around the world. See this!!

Travel Independant
A huge sites dedicated just to helping others travel cheap - no catch. Props to Giles for making it.

Dave's ESL Cafe
English as a Second Language, that is... A source for those clever souls who will work and travel

The Enchilada
Two backpackers and one year of travel. A journal of Karen and Garvin.

A journal of world travels with lotsa stories and a few pics

South Pacific Photos
Grrrrrrrrreat collection of pics and stories pertaining to South Pacific!! Cheers Nadine!

A NYC girl packed her things up, and headed for the horizon. RTW just started (I think)

Decadent World
Wanderlust's friend with a lot more thorough and fancy a site. Surely a CS/design student.

Bob's Trips
A collection of beautiful pics taken in SEA posted on PBase

Bob's Trips 2
More of Bob's professional pics posted from Trek Earth

Alex's Trips
A collection of some very nice pics taken in Japan and Thailand posted on PBase

Trek Earth
A photo site who's slogan is "Learning about the world through photography". Sort of like a photo class complete with critiques.

Todd Adams
Professional photographer primarily focusing on Europe

Dom and Jane on the road
One of my favorite RTW personal sites.  These two are cute, and sound like they had a blast! Moreover, they did it! Having just returned home, theirs is one of the few sites that has an ending.

The Boonies
Short stories and pics of travels in Nepal and India

Ravi's Site
Some stories and pics of an East African trip (as well as a few New England pics)

Mark Moxon
Wow! A complete 360 page site with advice, stories, and pics from 11 countries

India Mike
A travel forum for travels in India. Plenty of pics, forums, blogs, advice, news, and more.

Caske 2000
This site has many people stories of interesting long-term travels throughout the world

Randy Wood
An interesting guy who's lived in a few countries and just written a travel book

MIT affiliate Taumoda
Just a slide show of Costa Rica

Costa Rica Trip
Kinda a quirky guy, but mostly about scuba diving

Galapagos Islands
Lists sightings of wildlife like the Blue Footed Booby! Many pics.

Michael Travels the World
Michael e-mailed me having seen my ride posting on Craigslist.  I like his site, because it gets to the bare bones of what is interesting about this kind of travel - the stories.

Randy Johnson
This guy travels a lot, and has tried to put as much on his site as possible.  Lots of tips!

DJD Adventure
Jodi, Duncan, and Dan are traveling the world and bumped into me in Maui

euro station
Jacques has traveled extensively through 17 European countries and wants to share what he learned

Canuck Abroad
An real Canuck wants to help fellow Canadian travellers from a unique perspective - a Canadian one.

Man in a Suitcase
Hank has travelled a lot, and his site is very well organised and documented (without the overkill like some of ithinknot)

Frank Becvar's Travel Adventures
A small little site that has a few pictures to accompany Franks e-mails during 2 trips

Overland to Hong Kong
Get ready for a TON of reading if you're to enjoy this site, but were there's a TON of reading, there's a TON of good stories!

Douglas Mann is addicted to taking travel photos... which is GREAT for us!

Publish you Travelogue
Hmmm... looking to actually PUBLISH your own travelogue?

Europe on a Eurail Pass and a Prayer
Site is down due to claimed popularity overusing the bandwidth

Luke and Sally's Hippy Dippy Med Trip
Now, neither of these two are anything close to hippies, and the "Med" means Mediteranian, so git yer mind outta the gutter and back to business
A collection of photos from around the world

Golf Mongolia
This is hilarious! This guy golfed a self-designed 18 hole across Mongolia. Try a par 2500!!

Explore le Monde
Danielle voyage de la Russie jusqu'en Asie du S-E via le subcontinent indien.  Her site is mostly in French for now.

Josephine is traveling around Asia.  Site offers pictures, and journal entires in Dutch.

Alex and Julia
These Quebecois are traveling from "The Stans" through Tibet and the subcontinent to Thailand.

Kris' World Trip
Kris is taking a year off from work to travel Asia and Australia.
I met Joe in Beijing.  This is his really fancy RTW site.  Wow!!!