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This has turned into a bigger trip than I bargained for.  As it turns out I don't think I'll plan out every little detail, complete with departure days, arrival days, and all that jazz.  Instead, I'll have a rough idea as to where I'm going for the next month, how I'll get there, where I'll stay, and what I'll do.  Beyond that month-by-month basis, all I know is where I hope to go next as outlined in the map above.  This has its pros and cons:


-Hard to find cheap tickets last minute

-Can't just "walk into" all countries without a visa

-Some countries require an exit ticket, and/or proof of accommodations, and/or specific immunizations just to get in
-Primarily freedom (I can go where the wind blows me)

-I can decide I've fallen in love with county X, and don't want to leave

-I might find out about a much cheaper place to stay, or means of over-land travel that I would never have found online, or in a book at home

-I might find out a place I planned on visiting should not be seen, or vise versa: a country I never planned on visiting is a must-see

-Political demonstrations, or closed borders won't ruin the rest of my trip

-I can depart pretty much anytime without much pre-planning

To minimize problems, I am well aware of visa, immunization, and entry requirements of the countries I anticipate visiting.  I have all the immunizations needed for most of the world, and know how to get visas to countries while I'm abroad.  As for airfare, I hope to minimize air travel by going overland when possible.  I'm not claiming this will prepare me, but I am at least aware of future hurdles.

I would say that as long as you have the cojones (and expect some major speed bumps), traveling month-by-month is more exciting and adventurous.  That said, all I can say about the length of the trip is that it will probably take more than 12 months.