New Orleans, Louisiana
February 5, 2004 - February 8, 2004

What a great party town! Made it in time for Mardi Gras which was amazing of course. I explored the French Quarter, Garden District, Universities, Graveyards, Mississippi River, and other areas. The highlight was definitely the Mardi Gras parade and meeting locals at great local bars.  Take a look at the pictures and then read the New Orleans Journal entry.

This was the pathetic motel I stayed in the first night.  I just had to document it.  Common bathroom down the hall, and dirty sheets were the highlights.  And expensive too!

Mississippi River

Farmers Market along the Mississippi

Ack!!  Alligator heads!!!


French Quarter

Classic New Orleans Jazz


New Orleans is known for its grave yards.  Partly for their style, and partly 
because of the mysterious Voodoo practices around them.

The famous New Orleans trolley


This is the South, so cotton was a big money maker back in the days of slavery. 
These mansions are left from the cotton plantation days.


Loyola and Tulane Universities are right next to each other in the University District



And right across the street is a nice public park complete with public golf course!



 But Mardi Gras was starting, so it was down to business...


Some Carnival masks for Mardi Gras


The India House Hostel was better than the motel, but was what I would
consider a hippy hostel.  That means it attracted kind of dirty travelers who were
staying a little too long...