Golden Pass, Switzerland
May 11, 2004

Wow! This isn't a town, but rather a famous train ride. No wonder! This was the most beautiful train ride of my life!! 
It's rivaled by the Via Rail's Trans-Canadian trip, and the Tran-Siberian, but it's short. Only a few hours! It's the best 
of the Alps all squished into a short little ride. Intense!

It goes from Zurich to Montreux, but you'd be insane not to stop in Interlaken for at least a couple days.

Sometimes the train would have a special engine attached to it for steep parts.  On these parts, the new engine 
would lock into gears between the tracks and use those for propulsion instead of the tracks.  The inclines we
reached were pretty steep.  I kept the camera level for this pic.