Berlin, Germany
May 19, 2004 - May 24, 2004

Berlin wins the prize for most attractive city to move to in Europe for me! I don't mean attractive like pretty. 
I mean, it's got all the right culture, attitudes, and conveniences. Paris, and Madrid come in close behind, but I think 
Berlin is the right place. It's like NYC in many ways, and since I dearly wanted to live in NYC, but would rather live 
abroad and learn a new language, and customs, Berlin seems like a good choice. So now, everything will be 
measured against Berlin.

I spent a week in Berlin, and only began to scratch the surface. I got to know the Mitte district pretty well, 
as well as the artistic neighborhoods around it. You'll see lots of pics of those neighborhoods.

My first hostel was recommended by Heather. It was the Heart of Gold hostel. 
It was themed after Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy. Good recommendation... 
but I soon got moved to their bad partner hostel...

My hostel room.  Nice big window!!

Up in the Mitte. An artist community loft area complete with tiny cafe... down the blue ally.

Potsdamer Platz

Part of The Wall

Creepy dismembered doll stuck in barbed wire of watchtower

Old watch tower with anti Bush sign in window
"Bush vs. World - What a mistake!!"

More of The Wall. This part has been protected since '89 when people were taking pick axes to it to tear it down.

Checkpoint Charlie

VERY cool neighborhood behind hostel. These bombed out lofts are artist lofts. The artists are VERY active as you see...

Some funny and disturbing Anti-Bush flyers

Artist at work

Tail of an army helicopter in foreground