These are some links you might find bookmarked on my computer.  I'm sharing only the ones I highly recommend - some because they say something about where I'm from - others because these are just cool sites that ought to be seen at least once, if not regularly.

Changing Course
I just found this today, but it sure ought to go somewhere on this site

Best of Craigs List
Craig's list is great, but this is the best of the best (daily)
An important group dedicated to upholding democracy in America

- Whoa! Must see! probably in my top 10 of "cool useless sites" list

The Onion
- The headlines might be funny, but then again, Dubya's administration it's almost too easy

Bob From Accounting
- If Dilbert were a newspaper

- Deeply meaningful. As all-encompassing as String-Theory!

- Nice of them to write about little old me

- I was the General Manager of this restaurant, and designed the website (in part)

- If you don't know Friendster already, it's the innovator of the new online community concept

University of Vermont
- My uni

- My hometown

Whoaaaaa... the man is watching! Change the different views to see visual!

OK, so remember when the internet was new, and all you could do was waste hours at cyber cafes clicking new links and getting more confused (yet curiously more interested).  Blogjam brings it back!

Evolution Controlled Creations
In the leagues of the Onion but for audio

Bush in 30 Seconds asked members to submit a 30 second ad for the 2004 campaign.  These are the finalists.

Internet Movie Database
Have a a question about any movie ever made?  This is where you go.
An evolutionists answer to the Bush government.  Ask's "why can't we question our government anymore?!" Ode to Thomas Paine.

This Canadian musician e-mailed me about some travel questions, but in checking out his site I knew I had to list it.  Great musician.  Good luck Tariq!

Danielle Ackley-McPhail
The very nice Sci-Fi author who put me and fed me in Queens, NY. Thanks Danielle, and good luck on the upcoming book!

Scottish-Andy's Site - Not up as yet
Met Andy and Alister at the hostel, and had a good night of drinking and talking.  Good fellas, these.

Insane beat-boxer I saw at warehouse party in San Francisco. You gotta listen to this guy!

The Crucible
A great craftsman school in Oakland. Learn glass blowing to blacksmithing.

Korbi Dean
Actress/Singer/Songwriter from LA. Met her in Maui. Check this out! Great movie, and song clips!
I wish I knew who's site this is. I think I got it from a roommate in Glasgow. Contender for best new site on the net!! No kidding!!!

Born to, Be
I met these guys in SF! They are a group from Korea. If anyone can get their music video to work, tell me!

Ethno Logik
Munich Marcīs anthropology page

Meet your Meat
A pro-vegetarian site with the widely circulated PETA video