Stories and Editorials

Here is a small collection of experiences I would like to share.  I hope to write these in the next few weeks, so don't be surprised if the links don't work yet.  If you would like to hear about something specific or make a comment, feel free to e-mail me at my personal email account or send me a message using the website guest book.
All material is original and not for distribution without permission.

On the Road Again
Traveling by bus in America can offer a slice 
of American Pie you haven't seen before.

Europe by Rail
An editorial comparison of traveling by train in Europe.

Arrested in Russia!!
Only 2 hours after arriving in Russia I found myself 
arrested for B&E at the Paul McCartney concert.

Trans-Siberian Adventure
The longest, most famous train ride in the world.  Seven days. 
Nine thousand kilometers.  Eight time zones. Forty five degree 
desert temperatures.  No showers.

Loco Loners
They may seem just a little off-kilter at first, but get to know them, 
and discover these travelers are in a world of their own.

That's the Toilet?
You don't usually have to think about this part of your day... until you 
leave your country.  Don't touch anything.  Bring your own toilet paper. 
Only use your left hand.  And never, never fall in!!

Getting sick on the road is never fun, and it only gets 
worse as you get further from the west.  Do you suck it up, 
or risk going to the local hospital?

Spirited Travel
Alcohol differs greatly between countries and cultures, 
and is an often-overlooked cultural experience worthy
of your attention... even if it does smell like curdled milk.

What's Missing
I don't think about it often, and for the most part I don't
miss anything very much, but there are a few things I can't help
but think about longingly every once in a while.