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Phase 1 is now over
These items have been SOLD

I have left it here as a reminder of how this all started.

Descartes was riding on a plane when the stewardess came up and asked: "Would you like some more coffee sir?" To which Descartes replied: "I think not". - And disappeared.


Yes, this is "legit".  Over the years I have accumulated a great quantity of items that I thought I needed.  No doubt, I found them very useful, but the time has come for these things to leave my life.  Call it a philosophical reckoning; call it a paradigm shift; call it what you may, but I am selling everything, and I don't plan on replacing any of it.  Read article.


This is good news for you.  I have always kept my things very clean, and in good shape.  Many of the things I'm selling have only been used once or twice, and some have not even been opened!  No matter whether you're buying something I've actually used or not, I guarantee it will be as good as if you bought it new.


Obviously I'd much rather do this locally rather than have to mail every little thing to someone through E-bay, so I built this site.


I hesitate to publish my address on the web, so please do call me on my contact number if you are interested or have questions.

This site went up September 22, 2003